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Untapped the exciting waiting for you

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The membership is totally free of charge for the Influencer.

Every influencer can create a CherryB2C account totally free of charge and become a Cherry. Just click on the registration tab and submit your information and you are done.
Just browse inside the system and choose the product or service you are interested in, contact the company expressing our interest.
As soon as you select a product, Cherry B2C will notify the company brand or service owner that you are interested and soon, you will be able to connect and start a conversation. After your both are in agreement, you will receive the media kit so that you can start your work.
Your private information is 100% protected and secure. Only companies registered on CherryB2C will have access of your profile based on social media networks. No addresses, emails or telephone numbers will be available to anyone. Also, we do not disclose your data to third parties, only to the company you wish to promote, so that they may send you their media kit.
All care is never enough when it comes to financial transactions and personal data. Therefore, the Cherry B2C online protection is of high-level and utilizes the most advanced security protocols available in the industry.
The platform has several layers of anti-fraud firewalls, and the information is protected by high-quality encryption. In addition, the Cherry B2C elaborates its own system to monitor and disallow any attempt of fraud or hacking.
New influencers need to pass by a validation period process. After you have delivered your first content, the site will allow you to connect with other products and services.
Your compensation will be as per your agreement between you and the product service owner.
The more sales you make, the more relevant your profile will be. Your potential will be indicated by the number of cherries you have. Starting with 1 can reach up to 10.
Please contact our sales team to discuss our programs.
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