Unlimited opportunities to grow!

Radical changes to marketing strategy for decades to come.

Access consumers who are already likely to be engaged in your niche.

Inject your ideas into the daily life of others

Products and services to appear in the palm of consumers’ hands

Untaped the immense opportunity
CherryB2C is all you need to increase your presence online and grow your business.
CherryB2C applies our RealProof ®proprietary technology that allows managing step-by-step from the campaign inception to conversion to sales and presence.

Multi-Marketing Influencer Campaign

Full Campaign Management

Sales Funnel

Atractive Influencer Compensation Program

Detail Profile Analysis

Customize Detail Report

Storytelling is Powerfull

Real – Authentic – Honest Content is the new norm of success.

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The brand manages the shipment of the product from within the platform itself, where the product and the influencer, are displayed.
No, CherryB2C is a unique and innovative marketing influence platform that offers unparalleled tools for your company to succeed online. You 100% control during the entire process. You will be able to design your campaigns, monitor and managed the entire process, and create reports to analyze your progress, sales, and the ROI.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your options.


Our proprietary RealProof® technology will able to provide the best influencer based on your target audience and you will be able to manage and monitor every step of the process as well as the influencer performance.
In order for the influencer to execute the best campaign and represent your product or service, it will be necessary to share as much information as possible including samples, when it is appropriated. We recommend the company to develop a detailed briefing containing the goals and objectives of the campaign.
You will be responsible for providing accurate, honest information based on the US Advertising Standards Act.
You will be responsible for your taxes related to your operation. The influencer will work as a contractor and you will have no employment link with your company
CherryB2C encourages our members to evaluate the process. Both companies and influencers evaluate each other. The evaluation is based on the goals and based upon the goals and matrix agreed between both parties.
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